Gender Male
Alias Allison
Occupation Member of Queen Zenoria's Underworld
Age 18 years old
Relatives Kryfixa (adoptive mother)
Allison (alter ego: Demoni) is a member of Queen Zenoria's Underworld. He usually accompanies The Black Dragons in missions to assist them.


Early LifeEdit

Allison was abandoned by his parents at an young age and was found by Kryfixa, who raised him and taught him to fight and other things.


Allison has superhuman conditions and because of his slender build, he is quite agile. He can release fire from his mouth and hands and carries a staff that can launch fire projectiles. He is also a skilled fighter.


Allison has an androgynous appearance. He has black, long hair with bangs, a pair of small circular horns on his forehead and head, pointy ears, slit pupils and usually wears black lipstick. He has a slender, curvy body and is notably smaller than his sister, who has a voluptous build. He wears a black, red and grey spiky full-body armor.





Kryfixa is a very close friend of Allison. He is very fond of her and sees her as a mother figure to him. Due to her affectionate, attentive and patient nature, he usually opens up with her about his day-by-day problems or things that are bothering him.


After Allison was captured by Knight and his team, Lucy decided to interact with him in order to obtain information about Zenoria's empire and hideout. At first, Allison was extremely hostile towards her, but Lucy eventually managed to befriend him by telling him the truth and a little about her life. He did the same and she got shocked after knowing how he was mistreated in the Underworld (mainly by his sister, whom Lucy claims that she should be much different and should be loving and caring) and hugged him in order to make him feel better, at the same time also saying that he could trust her with anything.