Gender Unknown/Genderless
Alias The Unknown
Occupation Leader of the Alpha
Age Eons old
Relatives Unknown alien race
Alpha is the individual behind the Alpha organization and the guardian of Dollmaker. Ruthless, cruel and destructive, Alpha is an evil that came from the stars and is bent on conquering every planet on his way.


Early LifeEdit


Due to the fact that Alpha's physical form was destroyed, his abilities are limited, despite being very useful. At his shadow form, he is capable of partially possessing people and influatiate their actions and thoughts, besides being quite intelligent, capable of infecting people through his persuasive speeches, especially those who are vulnerable.

Once the user is infected, it goes through many changes, often gaining a form with darker colors along with dark powers, which depends on the user, as Alpha adapts to the user's thoughts. Additionally, Alpha enhances the physical capabilities of the host, also giving it the ability of infecting other individuals by producing more Viruses similar to himself. He also is capable of enhancing the user's weaponry, if he or she is wearing any.

Due to the fact that Alpha is partially damaged due to his physical form being destroyed, he needs the codes from the Guardians to be completed once again, thus being capable of completely taking control of the host and unleashing his truel potential for destruction. It is known that Alpha grants immortality for its user, but in the process ends up devouring the mind of the host, thus turning him or her into a mindless puppet solely used for Alpha's purposes.

Additionally, Alpha presents ulimited stamina and is immortal.


Ever since Alpha was created he displayed a cruel, violent, cold, but intiimidating and persuasive, characteristics that he uses to force people join forces with him.

Alpha completely lacks empathy, considering that all life must be exterminated or either molded to his image. He is willing to do anything in order to accomplish his mission of complete hegemony over the galaxy and won't stop at nothing. After facing the Guardians, he starts to hold a grudge against them, not only due to his constant defeats, but also a reckless hate that he has for humans.

Alpha enjoys to torture his foes before he ends their lifes. During most of the time he prefers to take control of emotionally vulnerable people and uses their anger to control them. For example, he once possessed Brian and used his memories and fears to torture his family and friends, mainly Ema, his former host. Meanwhile, he created an alternate reality where Brian killed his own parents and forced his friends to join the Alpha.

Overall, Alpha can be described as a pure evil entity that wants nothing but to take over the galaxy by any means, even if he has to eliminate lifes in the process, something that he doesn't cares.


Alpha mostly appears as a humanoid living shadow with circular eyes. He usually mirrors the appearance of his host, but with few changes, such as the reddish eyes color and the strings around the body.


  • (to Brian) "You may be capable of saving the others, but who's gonna save you from yourself? You're stuck in your own mind and your body is under my control. Scream, shout, do whatever you want, I'll conquer this universe and there is no stopping me now!"
  • "Brian, dead or alive, is m-mine!"



"Ironic, isn't? Once I used to fight against you and your friends, and now I'll force you to fight them. I'll make you see all the pain and suffering that I'll inflict on them, and lastly, you'ill watch their final breaths."

Knight and Alpha are arch-enemies. Despite Brian attempted to ruin his plans many times, he still considers him as a potential host due to some of his negative qualities. Eventuallty, Alpha bonds with Brian and is forcefully awaken by lots of negative feelings. Taking control of Brian's body, much to queen Zenoria and her minions' surprise, he used the boy's body to show his enhanced powers. He later on talks with Brian and confesses that he saw him as a fertile host ever since he first met him, as he had a self-destructive behavior, felt betrayed by his own family and lastly his lack of confidence. Rather than consuming Brian like other Viruses would normally do, Alpha keeps him alive and chained as he watches his friends and family suffers, along with him reinforcing the idea that he was alone and that no one could hear him. Eventually, with large amounts of rage, Brian counter attacks and interfere with Alpha. While Brian's friends are planning to fight against him in the real life, Alpha creates an alternate future on his mind where Earth was taken over by the Alpha and Brian, dominated by Alpha, killed his own parents and forced his friends to join him in the cult.


Alpha is one of the arch-nemesis of the Guardians. He is after their Viruses, who has crucial codes that would help him in becoming complete. While Alpha possessed Brian, he used his thoughts and memories to torture them and hinted that Brian feels something for Melody, whom stayed on shock after saying how much he links her.


Alpha merely sees Ema as a puppet. Alpha considered that she wasn't the right host for him at all and that she limited too much his powers.

Queen ZenoriaEdit

"I should have convinced Ema to kill you years ago. But I knew you'd be useful at some point. And I was right."

Ever since the Underworld division was formed, Alpha was aware that Zenoria could betray him at some point and considered in killing her to prevent such thing to happen, but he gave up. Eventually, while Zenoria was torturing Brian and attempting to make him join her society, Alpha wakes up and reveals his plans of killing her and attempts to do so, but he fails and she is forced to ally with the Guardians and the Techno-Killers in order to take him down.


  • Originally, Alpha would be a failed experiment created by Ema.