The Alpha is a society of supervillains led by Dollmaker, Black Angel, Queen Zenoria and other three unknown commanders. The society is made up of aliens, mutant creatures and humans who have been infected with Viruses and turned into agents of their organization. Their main goal consists in spreading their Viruses over the entire planet and create a new world order ruled by Alpha, who is currently residing on Dollmaker.

No one knows about their existence, with the exception of a group known as Techno-Killers, who are mysterious individuals who search and cure the infected. The members of the Alpha are extremely secretive and have manners that allows them to recognize each other, such as a different kind of handshake.





  • Dollmaker - The leader of the organization. She is bent on conquering the world with her viruses and stablish a new world order where peace will reign.
  • Black Angel - The "husband" of Dollmaker and the leader of another divison of Alpha. He starts to command the organization with her after she fails multiple times in stopping Knight and his team. He is almost the opposite of Dollmaker, as he is willing to kill anyone who gets on his way to the total conquest of the world.
  • Queen Zenoria - The leader of a division of Alpha called "The Underworld". Herself and her minions are similar to demons, as they have horns, slightly reddish skin, pointy ears, slit pupils and tails.
  • Aquatic zone commander - The leader of an unnamed aquatic division. Him and his minions are hybrids of aquatic creatures and humans.

Other MembersEdit