Alpha Agents
Gender Male and Female
Alias Creeps (by Lucy)
Occupation Members of Alpha
Age Teenagers and Adults
Relatives Unknown
"We Live for Alpha, We Die for Alpha!"

The Alpha Agents are men and women members of the Alpha cult.


After Dollmaker, Black Angel, Queen Zenoria and three other Infected reunited, they start to corrupt random people with generic Virus who gave them superhuman conditions. These humans were capable of infecting other regular humans to turn into members of the Alpha cult. They remained active in secret for forteen years and after the rise of Knight and his team of superheroes, they became much more active.


They have superhuman conditions and are remarkbly agile. They can launch lasers from their hands and project weapons (such as bows and blasters) on their hands or other parts of their bodies. This ability comes from their virus that were mass produced to infect them and give them superhuman conditions. They also share a hive mind, which gives them advantage over their enemies.


They usually are very quiet and hostile towards those who are not allied with Alpha. They are extremely loyal to Alpha and Dollmaker at the point of risking their own lives to serve them.



  • There were few people who managed to escape from the control of Dollmaker and joined an organization who hunt down Alpha members and their Viruses.