Gender Female
Alias Amare
The Weird Girl with Pink Hair
Occupation Student
Age 16 years old
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Amare is one of Melody Sparks, Lucy, Ivy and Pluma Sunshine's friends. At some point, she is infected by Dollmaker's viruses and becomes a death-themed mutant.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Amare's early life, but she once stated that her parents were extremely overprotective towards her, which explains why she is so shy.

At SchoolEdit


After Melody and Amare fought, they stop talking with each other for days. She spent most of her time alone and secretly observed Melody interacting with her friends and as result, she gets more and more angry. Prior to their fight, the teacher had given Amare, Melody, Lucy, Mike and Tomo the taks of making a project about the ecosystem. Amare was hoping to Melody forgive her and help her with the project, but she din't and Amare ended up not knowing what she would do. At the day of the presentation, she argued with Melody at break and she eventually broke in tears and decided to run to the bathroom.

There, she falls asleep and Death attempts to take control of her. He presents to her as Melody, but with a demonic appearance, and through a persuasive speech, he manages to bond with her and she becomes one of the Infected. She secretly escapes from school and randomly starts infecint people until she gets the attention of Knight and his team. When the group finally arrives, Amare attacks them by behind and is easily overpowered by their combined attacks. She decides to release her mutant army and individually attacks Melody, her main target. After fighting for a while, she commands her soldiers to restrain her while she puts her intangible hand on her chest and make her faint. She escapes and leaves Knight and the rest of the Guardians with her soldiers.


When infected by Death, she gets stronger, more durable and faster than an average individual. Amare usually appears carrying a techno-scythe that she uses to eat the souls of humans and convert them into her slaves. These slaves also have a blade on their arms similar to Amare's scythe that can absorb the souls of other humans. She can create monsters out of thin air to act as her reinforcements and fire yellow projectiles from her hands. She presents the ability of intangibility.

She is also a way more durable unlike other Infected, as her guardian is evolved. Her only weak spot is in the pearl on her chest, which, if is destroyed, will instantly delete her guardian and make her return to her human form.


Amare has curly pink hair, light pink bangs on her left eye, yellow eyes and wears black lipstick.


Amare is a polite, light-hearted, caring and shy teenager who is usually very quiet due to her shyness. She secretly has a crush on Melody, who is her best friend and sometimes display a jealous behavior with her friends because of that. She is also shown to suffer from anxiety and seems to be fragile individual as she gets offended or hurt very easily.

As one of the Infected, her dark side comes to light. Her crush becomes an obsession: Amare captures Melody and tortures her and ultimately brainwashes her, later on transforming her into one of her minions. She is very provocative towards her victims (mainly Brian) and enjoyed seeing people desperately attempting to escape from her army. Despite all of her negative feelings, she still had a good side on her and secretly felt remorse for her actions, believing that what she was doing was wrong.

After being cured, Amare becomes more sociable between Melody's circle of friends and starts to become more talkative.


Melody SparksEdit

Melody and Amare are best friends and are really close to each other. She secretly has a crush on Melody, who does not reciprocrate her feelings. As she is extremely jealous towards her friend, she attempts to get her attention during most of the time to prevent people from 'steal' Melody from her and abandon her. Melody once discussed with Amare and she said that her (Amare) only considered her as some kind of toy, a marionette. Amare gets angry and fails to justify why she acted towards her in that way. They spent days without talking with each other and this led to the infection of Amare. She also constantly dreamt with Melody.

Afterwards, Amare shows to have a obsession over her and eventually brainwashes her and transform her into one of her soldiers. Melody eventually breaks from her control and decides to defeat Amare by herself.


Death was once Amare's guardian. He doesn't shows his true appearance while trying to possess her, but instead, he appears as a nightmarish version of Melody with slit pupils, a evil grim with pointy teeths and an armor made out of bones. With a persuasive speech, he manages to bond with her and she believes that he is really her friend.

He sometimes emotionally abused Amare and influeced her to do bad things, such as torturing Melody and violate her, yet she refused to. After Amare was almost being defeated, Death attempts to take control of her and starts to forcibly control her body while she cries in pain and agony.


  • She is one of the few Infected who didn't adopted an alter ego.
  • She is one of the few people who know about Melody's secret identity.