Gender Male
Alias Knight
Mr. Brian
Sweetheart (by Dawn)
Occupation Student
Leader of the Guardians
Age 16 years old
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Unnamed sister
Brian (alter ego: Knight) is the leader of the Guardians. His guardian is Myles.


Early LifeEdit

Prior to the series' events, he used to live next to Melody since they were kids, until she moved to another city. Brian would often have problems in fitting with other kids in school and was result grew up as a lonely teenager, until high school.

Becoming a member of the GuardiansEdit




Brian is usually a laid-back, charismatic, curious, and more of a loner teen.

As Knight, he retains most of his traces but usually enjoys to make jokes about the villains that he faces. Initially he wouldn't use his powers with responsability and rarely would take seriously his profession of protecting the world from Alpha, but after almost killing one of his friends due to his arrogance, he starts to become more serious and realizes that if him and his friends couldn't stop Alpha, no one could. Afterwards, he becomes more serious (still retaining his sense of humor) and becomes more altruistic and understanding between the citizens (mainly friends of his who were turned into villains) and shows to have a desire to know more about the past of the Alpha legion, mainly Dollmaker.

After all these changes, Brian becomes a loyal, honest and trustworthy towards his friends and family, whom he considers as the most important things on his life and once revealed that he had a constant fear of losing them. When his friends were turned into villains, Brian resisted to attack them most of the time and attempted to bring them back, even if it meant that he would have to reveal his secret identity in order to cause a emotional shock.

Brian often makes self-deprecating jokes on himself and doubts about his potential many times, which points out that he is a victim of low self-steem, which Alpha points out while he was controlling Brian's body. After discovering the past behind his family's past, he develops a self-destructive behavior, as he usually engages himself in dubious acts that get him in lots of danger. He also suffers from anxiety, as shown in few episodes.


Melody SparksEdit

Brian and Melody met when they were very young and lived next to each other ever since they were 5. Because of that, they have a really deep connection with each other and Melody constantly displays romantic feelings towards him, yet Brian usually doesn't notices.


Brian and Alpha are archenemies. They first met when he accidentally touched the jewel on Dollmaker's chest, where he was featured as a gigantic shadowy figure saying that the end was near. After these events, Brian starts having nightmares about Alpha.


  • He once stated that he feels attracted to goth girls.
  • Originally, Brian's hair would be orange.
  • The inspiration from his name came from Arctic Monkeys' "Brianstorm".