Carmen Oak
Gender Female
Alias Carmen
Mrs. Carmen (by her students)
Teacher (by her students)
Occupation Teacher
Age 41 years old
Relatives Unnamed parents
Melody Sparks (niece)
Carmen Oak is the maternal aunt of Melody Sparks and a teacher.


Early LifeEdit

Carmen's early life is mostly unknown, but it is known that she came from Italia.

Becoming MaskerEdit


Carmen has long black hair with bangs, brown eyes, often uses black lipstick, has bags under her eyes and wears a white coat with a black shirt underneat, black pants and black shoes. As Masker, she retains her humanoid form, but her hands are larger than usual and her body constitution is slimy and shiny. Her body is mostly black with white accents. Her skin is extremely pale, she has black eyes and wears black lipstick and her hair partially covers her face. She often shapeshifts her arm onto blades, axes, etc.


As Masker, she has superhuman conditions and her body is extremely elastic. She is able to liquefy herself and shapeshifts her arms into sharp weapons.


Kind, caring and sometimes sarcastic and witty, Carmen is a woman who is dedicated to her job and is very professional. She is very knowledgeable and helpful and is always there to listen to the problems of her students so she can help them.

After the events of "Dollhouse", Carmen starts to have nightmares about Madeline and blames herself for not being able to help her. She is ultimately infected and turned into Masker, a shapeshifting villainess. Provocative and violent, Masker fights with energy and would kill one of the Guardians even knowing who they are behind their masks. Fearing what happened with Madeline could happen to Melody, she becomes extremely overprotective and attempts to absorb her into her being in order to keep her safe.


Melody SparksEdit

Melody is Carmen's niece and they both are really close to each other. She is the only known person who knows about Melody's secret identity as a superheroine and often when the group have to leave class to save the city she agrees to let them go.

Madeline LuxusEdit

Carmen is Madeline's History teacher. In "Dollhouse" it is revealed that Madeline sees Carmen as a mother and attempted to turn her into one of her toy soldiers, though the Guardians intervened. After being defeated by Melody, Carmen attempts to help Madeline by saying that she would always be there for her, but she refuses stating that she didn't deserved to be loved after what she had done (capturing Carmen and almost killing her niece) and sacrifices herself for Carmen.