Gender Male
Alias Chimera
Occupation Member of Alpha
Age Unknown
Relatives Dollmaker (creator)
Chimera was the former guardian of Ivy.


Ivy's InfectionEdit


Like other of his species, Chimera is capable of infecting a human being and enhance its physical capabilities and give the ability of mimicking the characteristics of an animal on its host. He is capable of influenciate the host to generate more and more negative feelings in order to feed himself.

Once Ivy generated all the amount he needed to subjugate her, Chimera generates an armor around her body and transforms her into a living weapon. His weak spot was the jewel on her chest, which his is energy core.


Chimera's appearance consists in a mix between various animals. He has a techno-wolf head with a pair of horns sticking out of his forehead, red eyes and sharp teeth, techno-wings, a body of a lion, four oversized human fingers with large nails, a techno-snake as its tail and two toes. Its arm also has a blade sticking out from its hand.