Gender Unknown/Genderless
Alias Unknown
Occupation None
Age Unknown
Relatives Dollmaker
Death is Jack's current guardian and formerly Amare's. He is a Virus from the Ultra variation, meaning that he is much durable and stronger than other common Viruses.


Amare's InfectionEdit

After infecting Amare with Dollmaker's dark energy, Death disguises himself as nightmarish version of Melody and proposes an alliance with Amare. At first, she was extremely reluctant, but with his disguise and intimidating nature, Death ends up bonding with Amare.

As times passes by, he starts to devour her negative feelings and gets stronger and stronger. After Amare captured Melody, he suggested to her to transform her into one of her zombie followers and other horrible things, but she refused. Eventually, Melody breaks free from Amare's control and attempts to bring her back. Death completely takes control of her body while she cries in pain and attempts to murder Melody.

Melody eventually ends up on Amare's mind, where she sees few memories of her younger and current self and discovers Amare's true feelings for her. When she reaches her, she was being tortured by Death and being consumed by him, but Melody attacks him and prevent him from erasing her from her own mind to have full control of her body. Eventually, Death is sliced in pieces and wows revenge against the Guardians while fading away.

It turns out that Death had survived and came back to Dollmaker only to become Jack's guardian in the future.



Death has a slender and skinny build. His head resembles a cross of a human and bull skulls and has a pair of horns sticking out of the back of his head. He has a entirely black body with a breastplate similar to a sternum, four large and spiky fingers, skinny legs and three toes.


Death is a manipulative, violent and possesive Virus who is extremely loyal to Dollmaker.