Dr. Grigor Rendel was one of N-Tek's scientists who was fired a long time ago due to his dangerous experiments and irregular behavior. His main goal consists in completely wipe out the environment and replace it with advanced technology.


Dr. Grigor once was a infamous scientist at N-Tek. While working in one of his experiments on an abandoned N-Tek facility, an accident happened and Grigor suffered a mutation that made him lose some of his body parts and deformed his head.

Grigor later escaped from N-Tek and replaced the members that he had lost by mechanic versions. Grigor later allied with his nephew, Mike Nickelson, the man behind the famous company Eclipse, and told him about the secrets that N-Tek hid. Mike also paid a hight amount of money to Grigor work for him. After Mike was mutated into a half machine and half human, they eventually teamed-up to destroy Max and N-Tek once for all, with both having the same goal and blaming N-Tek for what happened to them, even though that Dr. Grigor have big plans for humanity.


Dr. Grigor Rendel is significantly smarter than an average human, due to the fact that he has advanced technology infused with himself. He can easily hack computers and other systems or firewalls and has a vast knowledge about science.

A disadvantage towards Grigor's advanced technology is that, if it is infected by some kind of dangerous virus, he could be fatally harmed by the virus or seriously prejudiced.


He had approximately the same stature as other N-Tek agents and was middle aged-man, possessing grey hair. He used a white coat with green lines and a black suit similar to other agents.

After his mutation, his size and weight is relatively small to his human version. His head grew considerably, his left eye was replaced by a bionic eye, and his right arm was replaced by a mechanic arm with a tweezer.