Zeux, now known as Electric Elementor is the sixth Elementor and a Megalink.


In the past, Zeux was one of Makino's commanders and Metallak's rival. Zeux always tried to be superior than Metallak in every way possible, even if this would prejudice in some way Makino. After Metallak was sent to Earth to defeat Max Steel, Zeux studied some of his strategies. Eventually, he went to Earth alongside with Makino's large Ultralink armada.

Zeux fought against N-Tek's aerial forces, but his ship was damaged in the battle and he landed on Copper Canyon's canyons. He stayed some time there and survived by absorbing the energy of few deactivated Ultralinks in the ship. Later on, he finds out a power plant and links with with, thus creating Electric Elementor.

Eventually, Zeux discovers that Metal Elementor betrayed Makino and even helped Max Steel during the Morphos' incident. Under Makino's orders, Electric Elementor is tasked with the mission of destroying the Elementors and ally with other Ultralinks who were still loyal to him, as Metallak created a secret society of remaining Ultralinks on Earth that had free will. Thanks to Air Elementor, who was spying Zeux, he advises other Ultralinks and his brothers about Makino, who was still alive and Zeux, who would mercilessly destroy them. The Elementors are forced to ask for Max Steel's help.


Electric Elementor has the ability of controlling electricity around him and can absorb electric wires or related things to increase his power. He has two devices in his back that can capture electricity and make him stronger. He also have large whips integrated to both forearms that can electrocute foes. Like other Megalinks, Zeux also has the ability of annexing other Ultralinks into his being to increase his power.

Like the other Elementors, Zeux still has a weak point: the red sphere in his head. If he enters in contact with water, he will instantly faint and will get paralyzed.


In his Megalink form, Zeux has the same characteristics as other Megalinks, but instead of having red in most of his armor, he has yellow and some parts with the shape of a thunder.