Electrix (real name: Annabelle Bartowski) is a member of Miles Dread's team of super villains and Tempestra's evil counterpart.


Annabelle was once a famous scientist who worked with mostly worked electricity. Alongside with her brother, Woody Bartowski, she was working on experiments involving electricity, but an accident happened and she started to generate electric energy. The accident left Woody in a deep comma and Annabelle blamed herself for the accident.

Using her powers, she started to steal money from banks and other various places in order to pay a hospital to keep her brother.


Electrix wears a suit capable of harnessing electricity, thus, she has the ability of creating and controlling electric energy with ease. She also can release energy blasts from her hands and create electric weapons, normally using a scythe.

She can also change her outfit to mundane clothes, similar to Max's Turbo Camouflage Mode.


Before her mutation, she had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and wore a white tiara. She normally would use a white coat, brown pants and black shoes.