Gender Genderless
Alias Unknown
Occupation Member of Dollmaker's cult
Age Unknown
Relatives Dollmaker (creator)
Eros is the guardian of Pluma Sunshine.


The Infection of PlumaEdit

After Pluma was brought to Dollmaker's hideout, they talked for a while and she convinced Pluma to join her evil cult. After she accepts, she is infected with Eros and her armor is remade to reach her maximum potential for destruction.


Like other Viruses designed for the Knights of the Apocalypse members, Eros' designed a versatile and powerful super powered armor who enhances the physical capabilities of its user, in this case, Pluma. She gets much stronger than her previous form and can get even stronger by generating large amounts of negative feelings, which Eros uses to feed himself.

If Pluma is attacked by someone or if Eros simply feels manaced, he instantly will change his host's armor to a destructive version (resembling a demon) and influenciates her


His personality is quite similar to that of Pluma's. He is a hyperactive, childish and perky Virus who gets easily amused. However, he is quite temperamental and deeply cares for Pluma, whom he has a deep connection with. He could do anything to protect her and usually when he feels that she is on danger, he activates a destructive mode for her armor. Much like his host, Eros enjoys talking about love.