Esther Roberts
Gender Female
Alias Esther
Occupation None
Age Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Esther Roberts is the leader of a small group of mutants who roam the world and one of the survivors of the Alpha incident.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Esther's early life, other than she was present in the Alpha incident and that her parents were one of the scientists in the project. Because of that, they often too busy with their job and wouldn't give her the basic attention that she needed. After the incident, she managed to rescue some of the people (now mutants) and created a small group that she now leads.



As the leader of the group of the mutants, Esther displays leadership skills and is a brave, strong-willed, serious, calm and quiet young woman who would do anything to protect them. She has a hard time trusting people as result of her troubled childhood.


Esther has black neck-length hair with bangs, green eyes and pale skin.