Gender Female
Alias Kryfixa
Kry (by Allison)
Occupation Member of The Underworld
Age Adult
Relatives Zenoria (sister)
Kryfixa is the second-in-command of the Underworld and Queen Zenoria's adopted sister. Even though she is considered an important figure at the Underworld vertent, her power is limited by Zenoria's authoritarian goverment.


Early LifeEdit

Kryfixa was once the daughter of the leaders of the Order of the Light. She was between the conflict involving said organization and the Black Phoenix and thus was older than Zenoria, who would be born years later and be adopted by Kryfixa's parents.


Kryfixa's personality is quite different than other of Underworld members, as she is a polite, calm, collected and lovable woman who often disagrees with Zenoria's point of view and her destructive ways, thus resulting in a unstable relationship with her. Much like her adopted sister, Kryfixa deeply cares about her people, mainly about Allison, whom she adopted and raised as a son.


Kryfixa has black hair with a bang that partially covers her right eye and wears a long red dress with a cleavage with the shape of the letter V. Like other Underworld Infected, she has pointy ears, slit pupils, pointy ears, long nails and a tail.


Like other Infected from the Underworld, she has superhuman conditions and can fire green energy projectiles from her hand. Even though she barely fights, Kryfixa has acces to a full-body armor that she once used to fight against the Guardians.


Queen ZenoriaEdit

Kryfixa and Zenoria are sisters. During most of the time, Kryfixa disagrees with Zenoria's destructive and chaotic ways and because of that, they have a dysfunctional relationship. Sometimes, Zenoria opens up with her.


She is a very close friend of Allison and usually helps him with day-by-day problems. He considers her as a mother figure.