"YOU made me fall, now I will make you fall!"

Mike Nickelson is one of Max Steel's enemies. He is also Dr. Grigor Rendel's nephew.


Mike was once a rich man obsessed over money and power and the man behind the Eclipse corporation. Thanks to his uncle, Grigor Rendel, he was one of the few people that knew about N-Tek's existence.

Mike's main goal consists in mutating the entire humanity into half machine and half human mutants that would be solely commanded by himself. He sends his robot henchmen to get an Omega Link from one of N-Tek's facilities. After he executes his plan, Josh and Bio, as Max Steel, appeared and Mike activates his battle bot to prevent Max from stopping him. He is eventually defeated and the machine that he would use to mutate Copper Canyon's citizens into mutants and the Omega Link were damaged in the process. While he was about to fall in the core reactor, Josh tries to help him, but the liquid energy of the Omega Link falls on his eyes and he fell in the reactor, causing the armor and the alien to infuse with him..

He later escapes and promises revenge against Max Steel and N-Tek, who he blame for his mutation. He forces Dr. Grigor to work with him so together they would be able to make N-Tek and Max Steel as well fall.


Mike's main ability consists in incorporate machines into his body, similar to Makino, however, he first needs to transform that machine into a cube to the device in his chest process and transform him into the particular machine. He also have few weapons integrated to his body thanks to the machine infused to his skin. Since he has the Omega Link infused to him, he is able to hack computers or other networks, being capable of stealing important information without being noticed.



  • His name originally would be "Neokino", making a reference to the word "neo" (which means new) and "kino" from Makino's name, considering that both have similar abilities.