Gender Female
Alias Mum
Occupation Leader of the Mechanoids
Age Adult
Relatives Unknown
Motherboard is the leader of the Unity.


Early LifeEdit

Motherboard's early life is completely unknown, other than the fact that she was once a human who was turned into a machine through horrifying methods.


Motherboard wears a helmet with a black V-shaped visor which shows her left eye, which is usually glowing red. She retains a neutral expression on her face during most of the time and has many cables connected onto the top of her head, quite similar to her original hair. She has a glowing energy core on the center of her chest, wears V-shaped shoulder pads and has long fingers which acts as claws. Her legs are tied together and are similar to a tail of mermaid. Her "legs" have many cables connected to them. She also has holographic armor parts on her head, shoulders, hips and legs.

Beneath the helmet, Motherboard still retains her human face, having blue hair with bangs, her right eye being red and her left being scarred.


To her Mechanoids, Motherboard is an evil, cruel and serious individual who is mostly emotionless during most of the time. Her sole purpose consists in taking over the world by turning everyone into machines like her and her minions under her control, as she considers that the world will be turned into only one mind with no conflicts and differences. While she is stoic most of the time, she shows feelings for the All Unit, whom she has a close bond ever since she was a human. She deeply cares about him and this denotes that there is still humanity left in the machine.


  • Superhuman Strength: Due to the fact that she is mostly a machine, Motherboard is stronger than an average human.
  • Hacking Skills: Motherboard is virtually capable of hacking any electronic device.


  • While she might be strong, Motherboard is stuck on her command room due to her legs being stuck on the floor.


Unit AllEdit

Prior to her becoming a machine, she had a very close bond with Allison, whom she deeply loved. After her transformation, she still remembered him and forcibly turned him into a machine, but unlike her, he is 100% a robot. He is still very loyal to her and is one of the few Mechanoids who have sentience.