"Going Turbo!"

Psycho Sycon is one of Max Steel's enemies. He is the combination of a human named Mark Shadow and an Ultralink named Psycho.


After Mark was chased by the school bullies, he fell in the sewers and X376 linked with him, creating Psycho Sycon.

They firstly appeared destroying the center of Copper Canyon in an attempt of framing Max and Steel, making Molly and Jim doubt about Max's responsability with his powers. Max tries to face the copycat, who easily overpowered him, but later he finds a way with Berto's help: rebooting the Ultralink would deactivate and stop the doppelganger once for all. However, the reboot only changed Psycho's appearance, making him less similar to Max Steel and breaking the connection that Psycho and Steel once shared.

Later on, Psycho invades N-Tek while Max was busy at school, having only one goal on his mind: to unleash Morphos to get his trust and then become an ally. Psycho easily invaded N-Tek and defeated their forces, later capturing Max's friends, with the exception of Ferrus, who was able to hide before Psycho found him. Forge desesperately calls Max, saying that there was some kind of clone trying to invade the sublevels of N-Tek, where Morphos was. Max, with Turbo Sonic Flight Mode, goes to the base of N-Tek and freed his friends to later get to the sublevels of N-Tek.

While Psycho was making a deal with Morphos, Max appears and tries to stop Psycho, but before, he gives a new improvement device to Morphos, which would improve his abilities once again. Morphos absorbs the device and absorb Max's Turbo Sonic Flight Mode, easily knocking him down with the sonic waves. Both Morphos and Psycho agree in escaping from N-Tek and then Morphos reveals that Psycho got his trust.

Later on, with some memories that left from Steel to X376, Psycho got Fishy back and gave it back to Toxzon. Because of that, he easily got his trust and they both became allies. Extroyer also receives a second Ultralink from Psycho and gets the ability of fusing his animal modes, and just like Psycho planned, he gets his trust.


Psycho Sycon's abilities are similar to Max and Steel's abilities. He can copy Max Steel's modes and give them a special 'touch', making them far more powerful than Max's modes normally are. He can create purple spheres and shields through his hands without needing any mode.

The downside of Psycho's powers is that he can only create modes based on Max's Turbo Modes, due to the limitations on X376's systems caused after the reboot.


Originally, he used the same armor as Max Steel but slightly different, as the Ultralink was red and had a spiky appearance.

After Psycho was rebooted, their armor changed completely, gaining a spiky appearance, making it more easier to distinguish from the original Max Steel. Psycho have also red veins in the chest where the Ultralink is located.


  • Their battle cry is "Going Turbo!", which is a reference to the battle cry of the classic Max Steel.
  • Unlike Max and Steel, the Ultralink's name comes first instead of being the last name.