Queen Zenoria
Gender Female
Alias Zenoria
Master Zenoria
The Scream Queen
Occupation Leader of The Underworld
Age Adult
Relatives Kryfixa (sister)
Queen Zenoria is the commander of The Underworld, a division of the Alpha legion and a Malai'kian. After Dollmaker's defeat, Black Angel allies with her in order to take down the Guardians and let the new world order reign over Earth.

Her guardian is Pandora.


Early LifeEdit

Zenoria was the daughter of the rulers of the Black Phoenix, an empire whose ideals collided with those of Order of the Light. This eventually led to a war that took several years to end. Overtime, the empire was slowly weakning due to its constant loss of soldiers and eventually the Order of the Light wins the war, but with horrid consequences, having killed many of their species, including Zenoria's parents, who were exterminated by Kryfixa's father. Zenoria herself is found as a baby by Kryfixa's parents, who decided to adopt her.

As a child, Zenoria would have problems in fitting with the royal family and constantly dispised the fact that she lived under the shadow of her sister, and because of that she constantly argued with her over small things. During a discussion, Zenoria gets angry and almost attacks Kryfixa, which angers her parents and they accidentally let go that she was adopted. Having realized what she had done, Zenoria cries and decides to leave them for good.

While she flew over the black skies, a meteor suddenly hit the desert and she went to check it out. When she approached the object, a shadow involved her, revealing to be Alpha, whose physical form was destroyed and was searching to a host to unite with. Through a persuasive speech, he manages to infect her. While Zenoria screams in pain, she loses her wings, her skin becomes reddish with various dark red markings and her eyes turned to green. In the process, she also gained the ability of corrupting people by simply touching them.

Overtime, Zenoria's virus spread moderately, enough to the Order of the Light notice.

The AllianceEdit

After Dollmaker's defeat, Black Angel and the Knights of the Apocalypse seeks for the help of Zenoria, who agrees to join forces with them.


Prior to becoming the queen of the Underworld, Zenoria was once a member of a royal family, whom she never felt that she fitted among them and constantly felt that she lived under the shadow of her sister, believing that she was better than her and that her parents loved her more. She would isolate herself by any means possible and would have an unstable relationship with her family.

After being infected by Alpha, Zenoria is driven by pure evil and revenge, wanting nothing than just the destruction of her former family. Though that she was completely devoted to her army and her mission of conquering her planet, Zenoria still had a good side, as she cried while fighting against her sister.

After growing up, Zenoria becomes an ambitious, boastful and cruel individual who is willing to do anything in order to her empire reach glory. She loves to bring the worse from people and says that they should embrace their inner darkness. Zenoria is shown to be short-tempered and doesn't tolerates it when her soldiers fail. She also genuinely cares about her people and her sister.


Zenoria has superhuman conditions and can release fire projectiles from her hands and mouth. She is quite agile and shows proficience at combat, being capable of matching Knight's skills with ease. Besides, she also has acess to a dragon form that gives her the power of flight and can emit sonic screams from her mouth. She nicknamed said form as "Fallen Angel" form.




Ever since their first fight, Zenoria was quite impressed by Knight's fighting skills and constantly attempts to make him join in The Underworld, even once corrupting his Guardian and converting him into one of her minions. She also once said to him that when she looks at him, she sees a vision of her younger self, who experienced pain and betrayal.


Kryfixa was Zenoria's adopted sister. They had a very unstable relationship, mostly because of Zenoria, who felt that she wasn't loved by her own family thanks to her sister, whom she considered that she always lived under her shadow. Despite Zenoria's resistant and lonely behavior, Kryfixa always attempted to get closer to her and befriend her.