Roxanne Hunter, also referred as Mrs. Hunter, is Mark Shadow's aunt and the mother of Alice Hunter and Rose Hunter.


Not much is known about Roxanne's past, other than it is connected to Kat and that she was a robber who was eventually caught by Copper Canyon's authorities.

Alongside with her husband, Charles Hunter, she took care of Mark during his childhood and mistreated him by ignoring him and even excluding him from the family sometimes.


Roxanne, in her human form, does not have superhuman conditions, despite she has a large arsenal of guns and bombs. She also counts with a suit with a stealth mode capable of firing tranquilizer projectiles.

As a mutant, she has both technologic and organic parts infused within herself. She has four techno-claws in her back and a tweezer on her right forearm capable of launching a projectile. She can expel insects from her mouth and has enhanced reflexes and vision. Her centipede-like legs also gives her enhanced speed.


Roxanne has a long, blonde hair with bans, she has blue eyes and wears red lipstick. She wears a white shirt over a red t-shirt, red skirt and red high heel shoes.