Gender Male and female
Alias Unknown
Occupation None
Age Adults
Relatives Unknown
Shadow-Ghosts are Ann's group of mindless zombies consisting around hundreds of people.


The Shadow-Ghosts were once scientists working on the unnamed Virus race. After the accident, some of them remained trapped inside of the base and Ann, who had suffered considerable mental damage and was searching for her parents, infected them with her Viruses. Over time, she managed to 


The Shadow-Ghosts have superhuman conditions and are capable of infecting other people by making their victims ingest their purple goop that they expel from their mouth. Despite they are quite slow, they are very dangerous in groups and could easily outmatch Lucy and Tomo.



The Shadow-Ghosts are mindless and submissive creatures who only blindly follow Ann in her mission of finding her parents. They share a hive-mind alongside with Ann.