Gender Male
Alias Unknown
Occupation Member of the Techno-Killers
Age Adult
Relatives Unknown
TKE-01 is a member of the Techno-Killers and the leader of a small group of warriors that patrol the city that the Guardians defend. Much like other members of the organization, TKE-01 is secretive and quiet and is bent on eliminating the Viruses and taking down the Alpha.


Early LifeEdit

First Ecounter with the GuardiansEdit

TKE-01 firstly appeared stalking Brian and his friends throughout the city and followed them to the festival.

After Knight's friends were taken down, the Knights of the Apocalypse where about to eliminate him, until TKE-01 mysteriously appears and quickly reveals his guns, which he uses to deal damage to the teenagers' armors, forcing them to escape. Before Brian could thank him, TKE-01 turns around and point his gun at him, but his friends wake up and corner the villain. He says that they will meet again and activate his stealth mode to escape.


Mysterious, calm and quiet, TKE-01 share similar traits to the rest of the Techno-Killers organization, as he rarely talks and is secretive. Despite his cold and unresponsive behavior, he once talked with Brian and revealed that he had lost the two most important loved ones of his life thanks to the Viruses and was bent on taking them down. Sometimes, he helps Brian, but when he is extremely needing it.


TKE-01 wears a black-red-grey techno-armor that entirely covers his body. He carries a pair of guns, which usually he stores on the pockets on his legs. His armor also has shining red lights.


TKE-01 presents a slender build, which grants him exceptional agility and speed. He is a highly trained agent and knows about martial arts, as seen when he quickly knocked down Brian. Besides his pair of guns, his armor has the ability of camouflage, allowing him pass through his enemies unnoticed.