The Techno-Killers is a secret organization of people who hunt down Viruses and Infected. Their goal is to take down Alpha and prevent them from conquering Earth. Secretive and mysterious, the society has developed advanced technology capable of destroying the Viruses with ease.


After the incident involving the Viruses, the scientists who escaped from the base decided to join forces and create a society to hunt down the Viruses and prevent them from conquering the world. They studied the nature of the Viruses during years and managed to create ways to destroy them.

Few years prior to the series' events, they were responsible from taking down many Alpha agents and their attempts of completing alpha by stealing the pods with the completed Viruses.

After the emergence of the Guardians and the Infected, the Techno-Killers became active and secretly observed the activity of the Guardians, considering them as threats.

During a confrontation with the Knights of the Apocalypse, TKE-01, in a solo mission, secretly stalks Knight and his team to the carnival. Eventually, they are all defeated and Knight is the only one left. TKE-01 activates his stealth mode and quickly shoots the enemies with his guns. Shortly after his appearance, Dollmaker, in fear, commands them to escape otherwise they would be taken away. When Brian attempts to thank the mysterious figure, he points his gun at his face and says that he'll be cured, but Brian's friends get up and threaten him, thus forcing him to escape.

Technology and AbilitiesEdit

The members of the organization wear technologic suits that make them stronger and faster than an average individual. Besides, they are always equipped with technologic weapons, such as guns, bows, and others. They show proficience in combat and know martial arts, meaning that they can take care of themselves even without their weapons/or the suit. Besides enhancing their conditions, the suit is capable of translate their words into strange frequencies that only they can understand.

Their weapons are capable of curing an Infected with ease, even though that the process is extremely painful, but quick.

Known MembersEdit

  • TKE-01 - The leader of a small group of Virus hunters that secretly patrol the city that the Guardians defend.
  • TKD-02 - The female member of the small group of Viruses hunter.