The Doctor
Gender Male
Alias Leonard
Occupation Scientist
Age Adult
Relatives Allory (creation)
"I give them immortality, even though ... they still fear death."

The Doctor is a madman who secretly conducts experiments with viruses and humans.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about the Doctor's early life, other that he was present in the Great Cataclysm.


The Doctor's head is completely covered by a black helmet with a pair of circular openings for his eyes. He has a slender build and wears a long black coat, black gloves and black boots.


The Doctor is a insane individual who believes in the infusion of technology and humanity, believing that both would become one eventually. Through his twisted experiments, he has infused technology and viruses and created cybernetic warriors to serve him and his purposes. These experiments had no use of anesthesia and some people even died at his hands, even though he shows little to no regard to people's lives when it comes to his experiments, believing that he is helping humanity in some way.

On the other hand, however, he is shown to be a calm and charismatic individual who enjoys to chat with his 'patients' prior to their experimentation.


While he has average strength and agility, the Doctor is a extremely intelligent individual who has an extensive knowledge about the Virus race, technology and robotics, which he uses to his macabre experiments involving humans and technology. His body is also partially mechanic, thus making him slightly stronger than an average human.




Allory is a gynoid built by Doctor to help him. Due to her being a little clumsy sometimes, he constantly screams at her for not doing things right.