The Gladiators are a team consisting of seven Infected humans who serve Dollmaker and Black Angel. They are considered their "children" and were once normal teenagers who were infected with Dollmaker's strongest creatures. Due to their performance in battles, they were recruited by her to become her henchmen. Each member of the team rivals the members of Knight's team. They are also members of the Alpha legion.


The Gladiators have distinct origins, but they all share a common trait: they all have a grudge against Brian and his friends. Initially consisting of five members, the team mysteriously appeared while Knight and his team were taking on Dollmaker's minions and helped them to take them down. At first, they were skeptical about their help and said that they didn't needed it, but they eventually team-up with them and become their allies.

Eventually, the Gladiators reveal their true nature in a battle against Knight and his team. In an abandoned park far away from the city, they disguise themselves as normal individuals and goes to different locations in an attempt of luring Brian and his friends. Eventually, they revealed their evil intentions and defeated Brian's friends, with the exception of Brian himself. When they were about to kill him, a mysterious figure appears out of nowhere and quickly reveals guns that he uses to damage the armors of the Gladiators. Dollmaker contacts them and commands them to escape.



  • Due to the fact that all of them had a difficult childhood and lacked parental figures, they see Dollmaker and Black Angel as their guardians and have a brotherly relationship with each other, often referring themselves as a family. Besides, when they are not fighting against the Guardians or helping Dollmaker, they usually hang out at the city, usually at night.