The Souless
Gender Male and female
Alias Unknown
Occupation Amare's personal army
Age Teenagers and adults
Relatives Unknown
The Souless is a term used by Lucy Adamas to name Amare's zombie-like minions.


After Amare was infeceted by Dollmaker and became a mutant, she ramdonly started to infect people and consequently transformed them into zombie-like creatures with an insatiable hunger for human's souls.


They have superhuman conditions and are extremely dangerous in groups. They have a scythe-like weapon on their right arm which they use in order to eat the humans' souls and transform them into creatures like them.


They wear a full-body armor with similar patterns to that of Amare. Their mask are similar to tht of theatre masks, ranging from a happy expression to a sad one.


They are completely submissive and obdient towards Amare's wishes and are always ready to serve her. They usually appear laughing or giggling when absorbing the souls of humans.