The Unity is the name given to the single-minded robots that Motherboard leads.



The Unity is composed by the Mechanoids, a legion of humanoid robots.

They were once humans who were turned into robots in a similar way to Motherboard. Therefore, they still retain ther human brain even though they aren't capable of thinking for themselves and as result they will do anything Motherboard tells them to do, acting like puppets. However, there are few Mechanoids who have their own will and have enhanced weapons integrated into ther bodies. These Mechanoids are close allies of Motherboard and all of them were either allies or friends of their leader's original form.

They are humanoid robotic beings with a white armor with green transparent pieces floating around their shoulders, lower torso, forearms and legs and have the logo of the Unity in their chests. The male and female Mechanoids also have distinguishable features much like humans beings, with male having a ahtletic build and the females being shorter and having a curvier body.