Gender Female
Alias Chubby Witch
Occupation Witch
Age 17
Relatives Unnamed parents (deceased)
Unnamed sisters (deceased)
Hatchy (creation)
Wicka is a witch.


Early LifeEdit

As a child, Wicka grew up along with her family in a magic and peaceful realm. Ever since she was young, Wicka displayed proficience in magic and once accidentally gave life to a hat that she called by "Hatchy". One day, the realm was attacked by evil forces and her family and friends were killed in the process.

Wicka was spared after one of the soldiers witnessed her ability with magic. Afterwards, she was forced to embrace a new family who didn't cared about her at all and as a result she was ignored by them. The only person whom she interacted was her tutor, who was extremely rigid and would constantly put down Wicka for not doing things the way she wanted. She was trained by said woman and forced her to use her magic for evil.


Wicka has short dark purple hair with bangs, dark brown eyes and elf-like ears. She has a chubby and stocky body type. She wears a black dress, black gloves and wears Hatchy on her head, which often changes expression according to how she is feeling.


Wicka is an unstable, hotheaded and lonely person who stays in a bad mood for most of the day. She, however, is very respectful to her superiors and follows their orders without any question.

She has a perfectionist side that was developed thanks to her tutor, who would disapproval anything didn't looked good enough for her. As result, Wicka often is insecure about herself and her abilities and constantly compares herself with other people.

Wicka also missess her old family and friends and wishes she could have done something to protect them. She once opened up with Floria, saying that they took everything away from her, such as her family, home and even herself, forcing her to do things she didn't want to and being forced to admire an empire that destroyed and annihilated innocent lives and how empty this feeling was.


Wicka has proficience in magic.