Gender Male
Alias Mr. Roberts
Occupation Businessman
Age 40 years old
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed father

Dr. Joseph is a hybrid of a human/virus.


Early LifeEdit

Zor was originally one of the scientists working on the Virus race. After the accident, he was mutated into a deformed monster who unwittingly attempted to kill Esther, who was trying to escape from the place. After she saves him, he realizes what he had done and helps her to escape from the base.


In his mutant form, he has superhuman conditions and is extremely agile due to his slender and muscular build. His main ability consists in generating blades out of his body, which he uses to attack or to defend himself. He also can alternate between his monster and human form.



Prior to his mutation, Zor was a knowledgble and helpful scientist who wanted to improve the human life. After his mutation, he still retains those traces, but he has problems in controlling his Virus, but with the help of Esther, he managed to get a better control over it. He also has a close relationship with Esther, whom he adopted and considers as a daughter.